Windoweb provides a simple solution for you in your quest to be found on the internet. We can design the website for you or you can tell us what you'd like and we will do our best to recreate your vision. We can work closely with you all the way or you can just leave us to get on with it until you approve the final result.

50 plus 20* for a domain name** = 70

If you have a domain name already or want to buy your own name, you can point it to the website space with our name servers.

What it includes

  • Creation and setup of the website
  • Ten pages. Extra pages are 5 each
  • Google verification
  • Hosting space
  • Sub domains and domain aliases available if needed
  • Smartermail email services if needed
  • Website backup

Ongoing costs

  • Ongoing maintenance and changes/alterations within reason are free of charge
  • Any future major revamps would incur charges
  • Yearly cost (after first year) of 20 for the domain name

That's it. Simple, effective and inexpensive websites. No flashing graphics, no fancy gimmicks, just the message you want to get across. Please get in touch if you are interested. 

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Email: [email protected]

* The domain name cost is payable before work starts as it cannot be reclaimed if you change your mind.
** 20 is for .com, .net and names. Please ask for the cost of other names