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All of the websites we provide have built-in Bronze maintenance packages for one year which is ongoing as long as you pay the renewal fees each year after the first year.

It may be that your website was not designed by us but you would like it to be tweaked or totally revamped. Or you may not have the means to update your website, which is why we offer a varying list of maintenance packages and prices:


This package is automatically included with all our new websites and is again included in the website renewal price that you will be asked to pay after one year. It offers reasonable updating and additions as below:-
changes to dates, times, prices or contact details
changes to or replacement of paragraphs of text
up to ten graphic replacements per year
changes taking no longer than an hour per month


This package is for those who have existing websites or who want more than the Bronze Package offers. There are two options available:
Option 1 - any changes or additions to websites not taking longer than two hours per month.
Option 2 - twenty-four hours of work in total which can be spread over the payment year.


This package is for anyone to purchase and is a stand-alone package, so it can be purchased on top of the inclusive Bronze if you have one of our websites or you can purchase it for your website if it was designed elsewhere and is not hosted by us. We would need your ftp settings in order to supply this package. It includes:
One total website revamp or redesign per year
Unlimited changes and additions within reason

We can offer one-off changes of up to one hour in duration for 10. If you need advice because you are unsure about what maintenance package would be best for you, please use the contact form before you purchase. We will send you a Paypal request for the payment before we buy the name.

* Bronze maintenance packages are NOT available as standalone packages

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