Six simple steps to your 10+ or up to 10 page website 

If you decide to use our services, we will send you a Paypal request. When that has been paid, we will buy your choice of domain name and start work on your new website. We will try to recreate your ideas or we can create the design for you based on your tastes and concepts.

Decide on a domain name, either a dot com, dot net or dot Let us know what you choose and we will buy it if it's available. We can check a number of possible names and you can buy more if you wish to use them as domain aliases (other names leading to your main site).
Once the domain name has been purchased, we will set up your email address(es) We will need to know what you want before the for each email address, up to a total of six. You can have an autoresponder and forwarder on one email address.
The website comprises 10+ pages(200) or up to 10 pages(60). The design or colour scheme that you ask us to create will be the theme for the whole website. We will submit ideas to you and once you give approval, we will start to build the website.
Once you are happy for the website to go live, we will create the meta-tags to make the website ready for search engines. The index page will be taken from "under construction" and we will then start submitting to the major search engines like Google and Yahoo.
Every year, we will ask you if you want to keep the website for another year. If you do, we will send you a Paypal bill. The yearly renewal cost includes hosting, emails, domain name & OPTIONAL maintenance package.

For maintenance package options, please click here

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